Know Your Bazaar

The Kaleiçi district is jam-packed with shops and stalls that are firmly pegged for the tourist market. The northwest section of the old city is basically one big bazaar of T-shirts and souvenirs rolling down the hilly alleyways to the harbour. If you're looking for something a little less plastic-fantastic to take home, head to the İki Kapılar Hanı, a sprawling covered bazaar dating to the late 15th century that is centred between Kazım Özalp Caddesi and İsmet Paşa Caddesi, just north of the Kaleiçi district. There are plenty of jewellers, metalwork merchants and textiles to be found here, among the sundry nargiles (water pipes), Ottoman-patterned tiles, spices and Spiderman outfits. To buy direct from the supplier, take a wander through the copper workshops in the alleyways west of Kazım Özalp Caddesi.