Top Choice Historic Site in Antalya


Antalya's historic district is a sight in itself and you could happily spend an hour or so strolling the narrow lanes here while admiring the mix of finely restored and creakily dilapidated Ottoman-era architecture.
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Dalyan


Founded in the 9th century BC, Kaunos (or Caunus) was an important Carian city by 400 BC. On the border with Lycia, its culture reflected aspects of both empires.On the left as you enter, the theatre is well preserv…
Top Choice Museum in Antalya

Antalya Museum

Do not miss this comprehensive museum with exhibitions covering everything from the Stone and Bronze Ages to Byzantium. The Hall of Regional Excavations exhibits finds from ancient cities in Lycia (such as Patara an…
Top Choice Ruins in Kayaköy

Kayaköy (Levissi) Abandoned Village

The tumbledown ruins of Levissi are highly atmospheric. The roofless, dilapidated stone houses sit on the slopes like sentinels over the modern village below.Not much is intact except the two churches. The 17th-cent…
Top Choice Ruins in Side

Temples of Apollo & Athena

This compact site is one of the most romantic on the Mediterranean coast. Apollo and Athena were Side's deities, although Apollo eventually became more important. The Temple of Athena dates from the 2nd century BC, …
Archaeological Site in Letoön


Sharing a place with the Lycian capital Xanthos on Unesco's World Heritage list since 1988, Letoön is home to some of the finest ruins on the Lycian Way.Letoön is a religious sanctuary dedicated to Leto who, accordi…
Archaeological Site in Xanthos


Xanthos, once capital of Lycia, sits on a rock outcrop above the village of Kınık.From Kınık, it's a short walk uphill to the site past the city gates and the plinth where the fabulous Nereid Monument (now in London…
Archaeological Site in Phaselis


This romantically sited Lycian port was founded by colonists from Rhodes as early as the 7th century BC on the border between Lycia and Pamphylia. Its wealth came from the shipment of timber, rose oil and perfume.Th…
Ruins in Kaş

Antiphellos Ruins

Antiphellos was a small settlement and the port for Phellos, the much larger Lycian town further north in the hills. Its small Hellenistic theatre, 500m west of the main square, could seat 4000 spectators and is in …
Wildlife Reserve in Dalyan

Sea Turtle Research, Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre

At the southern end of İztuzu Beach is the headquarters of this turtle rescue centre, established in 2009 largely through the influence of June Haimoff (Kaptan June), whose reconstructed baraka (beach hut) now serve…