Top ChoiceLebanese in Antakya

Leban Teras

The `Lebanese Terrace' offers a respite from Turkish and Syrian-inspire cuisines, though all three are very close cousins. Seating is in the main dining room or on the breezy terrace, with half the tables laid...

Top ChoiceTurkish in Antakya

Avlu Restaurant

Popular with Antakya's glitterati and the expense-account brigade, the 'Courtyard' is more about being seen and seeing than about food, though the meze (₺12 to ₺20) and grills are more than acceptable. Try to get...

Turkish in Antakya

Anadolu Restaurant

Popular with families, Antakya's culinary anchor serves a long list of fine mezes on gold-coloured tablecloths in a covered garden where the trees push through the roof. Meat dishes include Anadolu kebap (small...

Anatolian in Antakya

Hatay Sultan Sofrası

Antakya's premier spot for affordable tasty meals, this bustling place is just the ticket to dive into Hatay's fusion of Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine. The articulate manager loves to guide diners through...

Sweets in Antakya

Kral Künefe

In the shadow of Ulu Cami's minaret, the 'King Künefe' is the friendliest place in town to try Antakya's favourite dessert, the eponymous künefe (layers of kadayıf cemented together with sweet cheese, doused in...

Desserts in Antakya

Hatay Künefe

This eponymous restaurant is a great place to try the local dessert künefe (layers of kadayıf cemented together with sweet cheese, doused in syrup and served hot with a sprinkling of pistachio).

Kebap in Antakya

Çağlayan Restaurant

Döner kebap places may be a dime a dozen on Hürriyet Caddesi, but Çağlayan's dürüm (a wrap made of flatbread and filled with typical döner kebab ingredients) are in a league of their own – spectacularly tasty and...