There are many restaurants either on or just off Hürriyet Caddesi. Good places to relax over a drink and a snack are the tea gardens in the riverside Antakya Belediyesi Parkı, on the left bank of the Asi River.

Good Eating in Antakya

Arab – particularly Syrian – influences permeate Hatay's local cuisine. Handfuls of mint and wedges of lemon accompany kebaps, hummus is readily available, and the unique kekik salatasası (fresh thyme salad made with spring onions and tomatoes) is a zingy treat.

Be sure to try the following: muhammara, a meze dip of crushed walnuts, red pepper and olive oil (also called cevizli biber); oruk, a torpedo-shaped croquette of spicy minced beef encased in bulgur wheat flour and fried that is not unlike Lebanese kibbeh; and sürk, a tangy soft cheese flavoured with dried red pepper.

For dessert, you can't miss künefe (layers of kadayıf cemented together with sweet cheese, doused in syrup and served hot with a sprinkling of pistachio). Several places near the Ulu Cami make a mean one for around ₺5, including Hatay Künefe.