Turkish in Amasya

Amasya Şehir Derneği

Beloved by a suited-and-booted clientele, this restaurant has a menu of typical Turkish grills.The balcony is the place to be, especially in the evening when the river views provide a respite from the live music ent…
Turkish in Amasya

Taşhan Restaurant

Built in 1758 as a caravanserai, and now fully restored and remade as a hotel and restaurant, the beautiful Taşhan is Amasya's top ticket for fine dining. The menu is thoroughly traditional Turkish and the ambience,…
Turkish in Safranbolu

Kadıoğlu Şehzade Sofrası

It's all traditional Ottoman-style seating at this converted mansion restaurant. The huge, steaming hot pide, çorba (soup), grills and zerde (saffron dessert) are all recommended. Alcohol served.
Turkish in Ankara

Kınacızade Konağı

This Ottoman house serves up a range of typical Turkish kebap dishes alongside cheaper pide and delicious gözleme (savoury pancake). The shady courtyard, enclosed by picturesque timber-framed facades in various stat…
Turkish in Safranbolu

Bizım Cafe

Deep in the old shopping district is this welcoming little family-run restaurant that serves whatever's on the stove, which luckily is always pretty good, including dolmades rolled on the street and deliciously spic…
Turkish in Konya

Gülbahçesı Konya Mutfağı

You can't argue with the location. The upstairs terrace with views of the Mevlâna Museum is a great spot for lunch. The menu is typically Turkish with yaprak sarma (stuffed vine leaves), Adana kebap and all the usua…
Turkish in Ankara


For over 20 years this neighbourhood star has been churning out perfectly prepared pide and every kind of kebap or grilled meat you can think of as well as many you can't. It's fairly smart, which makes the decent p…
Turkish in Tokat

Plevne Restaurant

The wavy, black-and-white murals lend a modern tinge to this bright canteen-like place. The food consists of well-prepared Turkish classics and the pide is particularly special: deliciously thin with just the right …
Turkish in Divriği

Divriği Konak Restaurant

The best place for lunch in Divriği is this homely wooden restaurant which does a bustling trade in pide, grills and sizzling saç tava (cubed lamb with tomatoes, peppers and garlic) dishes. It's in the centre; follo…
Turkish in Tokat

Chef Un's Çi Börek – Mantı

With its flowerpot-covered entrance, blue-and-white decor and tattooed wait staff, Chef Un's has a vibe more Turkish Med than Anatolian heartland. And you know the mantı (Turkish ravioli) has got to be good when Tur…