Surrounded by fertile banana plantations and mammoth polytunnels hiding strawberry crops, Anamur is a prosperous farming town with a laid-back resort as an adjunct. The waterfront İskele district, with its pleasant strip of sand, springs into action on summer weekends when locals head to the coast to cool off. The beach's eastern end is capped by the storybook bulk of Mamure Castle, while just to the west of town is the massive Byzantine city of Anemurium, with tumbledown ruins galore.

Whether it's the ruins or relaxed beach life that brings you here, don't leave town without sampling the local muzler (bananas). Piles of the bananas, which are shorter and sweeter than imported varieties, are on sale everywhere. Do as the holidaying Turks do and buy them by the bagful to munch on the sand.

Anamur lies north of highway D400. About 2.5km southeast of the main roundabout is the İskele beachfront area. Anemurium is 8.5km west, while Mamure Castle is 7km east.