Top Choice Museum in Amasya

Amasya Museum

This superb museum packs in beautifully laid out treasures from the Bronze Age and the Hittite, Pontic and Roman eras. Look out for the famous Statuette of Amasya, a bronze figure of the Hittite storm god Teshub. Th…
Top Choice Tomb in Amasya

Tombs of the Pontic Kings

Looming above the northern bank of the river is a sheer rock face with the conspicuous cut-rock Tombs of the Pontic Kings. The tombs, cut deep into the limestone as early as the 4th century BC, were used for cult wo…
Mosque in Amasya

Beyazıt Paşa Camii

This early Ottoman mosque (1419) follows a twin-domed plan that was a forebear in style to the famous Yeşil Cami in Bursa. It's closed except at prayer times, but its most interesting features are external anyway.
Castle in Amasya

Harşena Kale

Perched precariously atop rocky Mt Harşena, the kale offers magnificent views down the valley. The much-repaired walls date from Pontic times, perhaps around King Mithridates' reign, but a fort stood here from the e…
Mosque in Amasya

Gök Medrese Camii

The Gök Medrese Camii was built from 1266 to 1267 for Seyfettin Torumtay, the Seljuk governor of Amasya. The eyvan (vaulted recess) serving as its main portal is unique in Anatolia, while the kümbet (domed tomb) was…
Mosque in Amasya

Gümüşlü Cami

The Gümüşlü Cami (1326) is the earliest Ottoman mosque in Amasya, but has been rebuilt several times: in 1491 after an earthquake, in 1612 after a fire, and again in 1688. It was added to in 1903 and restored again …
Historic Building in Amasya

Hazeranlar Konağı

The Hazeranlar Konağı, constructed in 1865 and restored in 1979, was built by Hasan Talat, the accountant of governor-poet Ziya Paşa, for his sister, Hazeran Hanım. The restored rooms are beautifully furnished in pe…
Mosque in Amasya

Mehmet Paşa Camii

The pretty Mehmet Paşa Camii was built in 1486 by Lala Mehmet Paşa, tutor to Şehzade Ahmet, the son of Sultan Beyazıt II. Don't miss the beautiful marble minber (pulpit). The complex originally included the builder'…
Mosque in Amasya

Sultan Beyazıt II Camii

The graceful Sultan Beyazıt II Camii (1486) is Amasya's largest külliye (mosque complex), with a medrese, fountain, imaret (soup kitchen) and library. The main door, mihrab (niche in a minaret indicating the directi…
Ruins in Amasya

Baths of the Maidens Palace

The scant remains of this 14th century hamam complex lie halfway up Amasya's hill.