Amasra drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Cafe in Amasra


The flashy central chandelier initially makes it appear over the top, but this classy little cafe serves decent coffee, snacks and breakfast to a chilled-out soundtrack. It also sells marmalade, nut-studded lokum (T…
Pub in Amasra

Cafe 'N Bistro

This wood-fronted multistorey corner bar is male-dominated inside, but its outside tables are ideal for watching the evening roll in. At the Little Harbour end of the bazaar, it serves snacks such as börek (filled p…
Tea Garden in Amasra

Ağlayan Ağaç Çay Bahçesi

To find the whimsically named 'Weeping Tree Tea Garden', follow the signs up through the castle precincts into Boztepe. Once there, take your time sipping çay on the clifftop overlooking 'Rabbit Island' and its popu…
Bar in Amasra

Çekek Cafe

Set a little away from the Küçük Liman clamour, Çecek is a mellow place to start the evening with a cocktail. There's plenty of tree-shaded seating, more on the beach and a little jetty to enjoy the evening breezes.…
Bar in Amasra


The west-facing 'Plane Tree' is a winner for Amasra sunsets and sweeping harbour views. Twinned with the fish restaurant next door, it serves crisply chilled draught beer, a wide range of cocktail-ready spirits and …
Bar in Amasra

Sesamos Cafe

A long-standing bar facing the Büyük Liman, Sesamos has ramshackle appeal, with nautical clobber balancing on wooden beams and seating among fishing boats on the beach. A beer at sundown will cost you ₺11.
Bar in Amasra

Han Cafe & Bar

The most popular and boisterous of a small cluster of pubs set back from the water, Han is sandwiched between houses next to the main castle gate. There's often live music at night in season.