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Top Choice Turkish in Alaçatı

Asma Yapraǧı

A meal at the ‘Vine Leaf’ is an essential experience for gastronomes. Seating is in an atmospheric courtyard between April and November, and inside between December and March. Once seated, you'll wait in turn to vis…
Turkish in Alaçatı


Known throughout the country for its brunch, Leyla Tabrizi's cafe is an ultrapopular destination during the high season. Housed in an elegant stone house with courtyard, it is a stylish spot to enjoy dishes featurin…
Mediterranean in Alaçatı


This long-running alternative to traditional Turkish fare recently moved into new and very swish digs within the Alavya hotel compound. Chef-owner Melih Tekşen creates Mod Med dishes but relies heavily on local Aege…
Turkish in Alaçatı

Roka Bahçe

A relative newcomer to the local dining scene, this stylish courtyard restaurant on the main eating and shopping strip offers unusual Aegean dishes including braised goat with chard and thistles, tire köfte (small m…
Modern Turkish in Alaçatı


Using locally sourced and foraged produce to create its delicious Aegean dishes, Barbun's young and enthusiastic chefs create a daily menu featuring colourful and flavoursome mezes, handmade pastas and simple but we…
Seafood in Alaçatı

Ferdi Baba

This is without doubt the best restaurant down on the Alaçatı marina. It serves all of the standards, and is known for the freshness of its mezes and the quality of its fish. There's another branch on Kemalpaşa Cadd…
Turkish in Alaçatı

Şerefe Meyhane

There are some who say the ‘Cheers Tavern’ serves the best meze in town – there's certainly many types to choose from. Fresh fish is the expected choice for mains, and is enjoyed on the expansive outdoor terrace. Ra…
Anatolian in Alaçatı

Gözleme Stands & Cafes

The lanes surrounding the Pazaryeri Mosque in the town centre are dotted with simple cafes and eateries serving gözleme (savoury pancakes) and mantı (Turkish ravioli). Most have outdoor seating only, so are only ope…
Turkish in Alaçatı

Yusuf Usta Ev Yemekleri

On the south side of the ring road near the turn-off into Alaçatı, this eatery serves pides, grills and pre-prepared meat and vegetable dishes. Its food is cheap and good – a rarity in Alaçatı.
Turkish in Alaçatı

Rasim Usta’nin Yeri

‘Master Rasim’s Place’ is one of the oldest and still most dependable restaurants in town. Choose between pides, grills or fish dishes. It’s just west of the main square.