Top things to do in Alacahöyük

Archaeological Site in Alacahöyük

Monumental Gate

The site entry is marked by a monumental gate with two eyeless sphinxes guarding the door. The detailed reliefs (copies; the originals are in Ankara) show musicians, a sword swallower, animals for sacrifice and the …
Archaeological Site in Alacahöyük

Royal Shaft Graves

To the left of the monumental gate, protected under plastic covers, are the pre-Hittite royal shaft graves. Dating to 2300 to 2100 BC, each skeleton was buried individually along with a variety of personal belonging…
Museum in Alacahöyük

Alacahöyük Museum

Alacahöyük's museum is beside the excavation area and displays artists' impressions of the site at various points in its history, as well as finds dating back to the Chalcolithic and Old Bronze ages.
Archaeological Site in Alacahöyük


On the far left of the back of the excavation area is an underground tunnel. Walk through it and look down at the fields to see how the Alacahöyük site was built up over the millennia.