Top things to do in Aksaray

Turkish in Aksaray


This friendly, super-clean lokanta (eatery serving ready-made food) dishes up solid versions of Turkish classics such as patlıcan kebap (cubed or minced meat grilled with aubergine) and kuru fasulye (stewed beans). …
Museum in Aksaray

Aksaray Museum

Well, you certainly won't have problems finding this massive museum en route from the otogar (bus station) along the main road to Aksaray centre. The recently revamped displays covering early Cappadocian human histo…
Turkish in Aksaray


Adorned with photos of visiting Turkish celebrities posing with the star-struck waiters, Harman offers a great selection of ızgara (grills), döner kebaps (spit-roasted lamb slices), pide (Turkish-style pizza) and so…
Monument in Aksaray

Eğri Minare

Built in 1236 and leaning at an angle of 27 degrees, the curious Eğri Minare in the older part of Aksaray is, inevitably, known to locals as the 'Turkish Tower of Pisa'.
Mosque in Aksaray

Ulu Cami

The Ulu Cami has decoration characteristic of the post–Seljuk Beylik period. A little of the original yellow stone remains in the grand doorway.