Top things to do in Afyon

Top Choice Anatolian in Afyon

Mihrioğlu Konağı

Set in an Ottoman house in the old town, Mihrioğlu offers a menu of Anatolian classics: zeytinyağlı (olive oil) based dishes, börek (filled pastry), saç kavurma (stir-fried cubed meat dish), çöp şiş (şiş kebap serve…
Castle in Afyon

Afyon Kale

The kale (castle) or hisar (fortress) overlooks Afyon from a craggy rock. The strenuous approach up a steep path passes Ottoman guard towers on what was once a formidable defensive structure. Hittite King Mursilis I…
Historic Site in Afyon

Old Town

Around Ulu Cami the hilly cobbled streets are full of pastel-coloured Ottoman wooden houses, some serving as accommodation, teahouses and restaurants. Sunset is the best time to explore this area, when the shadows l…
Mosque in Afyon

İmaret Cami

Afyon's major mosque complex (a five-minute walk from Hükümet Meydanı) was built for Gedik Ahmet Paşa in 1472. The blue-tiled, spiral-fluted minaret decorations indicate Seljuk preferences, though Ottoman stylings a…
Barbecue in Afyon

Bolu Dağı Mangalevi

Part of an Anatolian chain, and a fun and well-priced place to dine. Tasty köfte, chicken, steaks and skewers are all grilled to perfection for local families in a modern ambience with a touch of mountain-style deco…
Mosque in Afyon

Mevlevihane Cami

This 13th-century Seljuk creation was a dervish lodge when Sultan Veled (son of dervish founder Celaleddin Rumi) made Afyon the empire's most important Mevlevi centre after Konya. Today's mosque (1908), rebuilt for …
Mosque in Afyon

Ulu Cami

Although among the most important surviving Seljuk mosques, the opulent Ulu Cami (1273) is often closed outside prayer times. It is supported by 40 soaring wooden columns with stalactite capitals and features a flat…
Museum in Afyon

Mevlevihane Museum

This museum attached to the Mevlevihane Cami, a 13th-century Seljuk mosque, includes displays and an optional audio tour (₺5) to bring the mosque and the ways of the mystical dervishes alive. The museum is in the ol…
Anatolian in Afyon


This restaurant set with white tablecloths just off Hükümet Meydanı serves some of Afyon's best food, from fasulye pilaki (white beans cooked with tomato paste and garlic) to kebaps.
Kebap in Afyon

Gamze Döner

This smart kebapçı just off Hükümet Meydanı serves kebaps, including one featuring sucuk.