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Top Choice Mosque in Adana

Sabancı Merkez Camii

The most imposing mosque in Adana is the six-minaret Sabancı Merkez Camii, rising gracefully from the left bank of the Seyhan River. The largest mosque between İstanbul and Saudi Arabia, it was built by the late ind…
Castle in Adana


Built in the mid-13th century, when this area was part of the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia, Yılankale took its name from a serpent once entwined in the coat of arms above the entrance. From the car park there's a wel…
Mosque in Adana

Ulu Cami

The beautiful 16th-century Ulu Cami is reminiscent of the Mamluk mosques of Cairo, with black-and-white banded marble and elaborate window surrounds. It includes a medrese (school) and a türbe (mausoleum) housing re…
Bridge in Adana

Roman Bridge

This Roman-era stone bridge over the Seyhan at the eastern end of Abidin Paşa Caddesi was probably built under Hadrian (r AD 117–138) and repaired in the 6th century. Taşköprü to the Turks, its 300m-long span had 21…
Mosque in Adana

Yağ Camii

The Yağ Camii (1501), with its imposing portal and typical Seljuk-style architecture, started life as the Church of St Jacques.
Church in Adana

St Paul's Catholic Church

Built in 1870 by the Armenian community, this church is still in service today as a Roman Catholic place of worship.
Mosque in Adana

Yeni Cami

Built in 1724, the central Yeni Cami follows the general square plan of the city's Ulu Cami, with 10 domes.
Museum in Adana

Archaeology Museum

Adana's Archaeology Museum is rich in Roman statuary from the Cilician Gates, north of Tarsus. These 'gates' were the main passage through the Taurus Mountains and an important transit point as far back as Roman tim…
Museum in Adana

Adana Ethnography Museum

Just off İnönü Caddesi, this museum is housed in a former Crusader church that later served as a mosque. Currently closed to the public, its collection will be relocated to the proposed New Adana Museum, yet to be b…
Notable Building in Adana


Adana's vast and rather stern-looking belediye (municipality) building is a useful landmark on Atatürk Caddesi.