Tunis in detail

Travel with Children

Having little ones along with you in Tunisia will ensure you get lots of smiles and local contact. And as Tunis is so small, there’s quick access to beaches if they start to suffer sightseeing overload.

Children will enjoy the colourful medina souqs and can be bribed with stuffed camels or puppets, though be aware that the main drags can get very crowded and pushchairs are difficult to manoeuvre (sitting kids on your shoulders is a better option).

Some children will enjoy a short dose of the Bardo Museum with its Roman mosaics – the pictures tell stories and feature lots of animals. Sidi Bou Saïd has a popular bombalouni (doughnut) stand and La Marsa has a long sandy beach and plentiful ice-cream and gelato shops. In Carthage the Oceanographic Museum has an aquarium that children enjoy viewing as well as a family-friendly garden cafe overlooking the Punic Ports and Gulf of Tunis.