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Top Choice Palmeraie in Tozeur


This enormous green space has over 200,000 date palms, as well as fig and pomegranate trees and canopied garden holdings. It's best explored by foot or bicycle (ask at your hotel for recommended bike hire). Calèches…
Tunisian in Tozeur

Restaurant Le Soleil

Try the (chewy) camel if it's available, or enjoy the decor of plaster palm trees and the vegetarian dishes if it's not.
Cafe in Tozeur

Centre Loisir el-Niffer

Set deep in the palmeraie, this is a great place for a sheesha under the palm trees, or a coffee or cool drink. There's a swimming pool and a few courting couples and families sitting at the tables spread throughout…
Museum in Tozeur

Chak Wak Park

This incongruous, trippy park is a testament to the liberal vision of the former mayor of Tozeur. Scattered around gorgeous grounds is what amonts to a 3D education on evolution, history and religion. Highlights inc…
Museum in Tozeur

Museum Archéologique et Traditionnel

The easiest entrance to the Ouled el-Hadef is from ave de Kairouan. Follow the signs pointing to the small Museum Archéologique et Traditionnel, which occupies the old koubba (small domed tomb) of Sidi Bou Aiss…
Zoologic in Tozeur

Zoo du Paradis

Ironically, or cynically, or simply honestly named, the Zoo du Paradis, on the southern side of the palmeraie, is anything but for the animals housed, if it can be called that, in tiny cages. The star turn is a Coca…
Pizza in Tozeur

Pizzeria Azzura

A few doors north at the start of the Zone Touristique, Pizzeria Azzura serve quality pies.
Buffet in Tozeur

Planet Oasis Tozeur

Gorge on a buffet while watching a sound and light shows at the Planet Oasis Tozeur deep in the middle of the palmeraie. These are only staged for large groups.
Tunisian in Tozeur

Restaurant Capitole

This small place is popular with Tunisian families but the service is slow and it's worth it to pre-order especially for the metabgha (Berber pizza; around TD3, pre-order only). Camel steak is also on the menu.
Tunisian in Tozeur

Restaurant de la République

Set back off the street, in an arcade next to the Mosque el-Ferdous, this is an ever-popular local place and great for kebabs or couscous and salad.