Tunisian in Tozeur

Restaurant Dar Deda

A relative newcomer, with friendly service and intimate candlelit atmosphere. The mains on the menu hold few surprises but are uniformly good. Don’t forget the starters though – doight de Fatima (finger-shaped briks…
Tunisian in Tozeur

Chicken Fast Food

Pick this place out by its yellow and green awning. It looks unassuming but serves some of the best chicken we’ve had in Tunisia, dishing up with side salad, a bowl of spaghetti with peppery sauce, great chips and a…
Pastries in Tozeur

Patisserie El Qods

A handy and welcoming place to drop into for a quick sandwich, or something sweet and sticky, washed down with a fresh juice or good coffee (pastry and coffee 1DT).
Tunisian in Tozeur

Restaurant Tozorous

This recommended restaurant serves up pizza and meat and chicken dishes in a brick-walled dining room complete with a working fountain in the centre.
Tunisian in Tozeur

Restaurant de la République

Set back off the street, in an arcade next to the Mosque El Ferdous, this is an ever-popular local place and great for kebabs or couscous and salad.
Tunisian in Tozeur

Restaurant-Bar Le Petit Prince

Tunisian dishes, pasta and steaks are served in a palm-shaded courtyard. Wine and beer are available (there's a raucous local-boozers bar attached).
Tunisian in Tozeur

Restaurant Capitole

This small place is popular with Tunisian families. Preorder the metabgha (Berber pizza; 3DT) or stick to camel steak.
Tunisian in Tozeur

Restaurant Le Soleil

Try the (chewy) camel if it's available, or enjoy the decor of plaster palm trees and the vegetarian dishes if it's not.
Pizza in Tozeur

Pizzeria Azzura

A few doors north at the start of the Zone Touristique, Pizzeria Azzura serve quality pies.