Top things to do

Top Choice Historic Building in Ksar Oued Soltane

Ksar Oued Soltane

The ghorfas (long, barrel-vaulted rooms built to store grain) of Ksar Ouled Soltane rise a dizzying four storeys around two courtyards and are one of southern Tunisia's architectural highlights. Scenes from Star War…
Top Choice Seafood in Bizerte

Le Sport Nautique

This highly regarded restaurant with breezy terrace is quite simply one of the best in the north. Fresh fish, cooked in any number of ways (grilled, baked, with cream and herbs, with roasted almonds etc), is the hou…
Top Choice Seafood in Gabès

Restaurant Fruit de Mer

This hugely popular open-sided restaurant near the port serves up the best seafood in town and has plenty of staff on hand to efficiently keep the crowds happy. The grilled fish or braised mussels and octopus are bo…
Top Choice Italian in Bizerte

Restaurant Le Grand Bleu

A genuine Italian restaurant run by an Italian family, right down to nonna on the till. Le Grand Bleu offers a nice change from Tunisian tuna. There are a dozen or so home-made pasta dishes (all excellent), pizzas a…
Top Choice International in Gabès

Restaurant La Lune

La Lune serves up healthy portions of pasta and pizza, but come instead for the rather good steak, beef stroganoff and excellent seafood. The candles on the tables add to the warm atmosphere.
Top Choice Beach in Cap Bon

Port Aux Prince

This appealing golden curve of beach is anchored by a rock-hewn castle-like villa, said to have belonged to Wassila Bourguiba, the wife of the former president of Tunisia. Enterprising locals sometimes use this as a…
Top Choice Italian in El Haouaria

Ristarante Bellariva Dalla Lina

Given El Haouaria's proximity to Italy, you might think there would be better food options in town. Although many restaurants have a token Italian option on the menu, none hold a candle to this bona fide trattoria. …
Top Choice Park in Tozeur


This enormous green space has more than 200,000 date palms, as well as fig and pomegranate trees and canopied garden holdings. It's best explored by foot, bicycle (ask at your hotel for recommended bike hire), or ca…
Top Choice Ruins in Central Tunisia


The entrance to Maktar is through the museum, which houses a mosaic portraying a veritable menagerie, including peacocks, some interesting Roman and Christian gravestones decorated with Latin inscriptions and haut-r…
Top Choice Tunisian in Centre Ville

Chez Slah

It’s only a short stroll away from ave Habib Bourguiba, but this beautiful traditional bourgeois house feels miles away from the traffic fumes and crowds (it’s a favourite with chino-wearing expats). Fish of the day…