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Arts & Crafts in Hammamet


Sophia Loren, Umm Kolthum, Grace Kelly and Greta Garbo have all floated around in Fella at some point. The boutique has immaculate handmade Tunisian dresses, jewellery and bits and pieces. A nice fouta (cotton beach…
Top Choice Area in Sfax

Sfax Medina

Surrounded by ancient crenulated walls that could have been filched from a child's toy castle, this tourist-tat-free zone hasn't been prettified for visitors. The main narrow thoroughfares bustle with everyday comme…
Top Choice Synagogue in Jerba


The most important synagogue on Jerba and the oldest in North Africa is signposted 1km south of Erriadh, 7km south of Houmt Souq. Blank from the outside, the interior is an exquisite combination of glowing blue tile…
Top Choice Barbecue in Sfax

Saffoud Abid

This wonderfully authentic medina favourite is where shoppers come for lamb brochette lunches, the meat grilled to order in an ashy pit. Opposite, their (nameless) seafood place serves heaping plates of octopus stew…
Cafe in Hammamet


A popular café with a large, watch-the-world-go-by terrace, this is good for fresh juices and milkshakes. In the back is a bakery and pâtisserie selling good Tunisian sweets and French pastries.
Cafe in Hammamet

Café Sidi Bou Hdid

Between the medina walls and the sea, with a mix of locals and tourists, this is a lovely place for an orange juice or a sheesha, with tables and chairs or rug-draped low seats and tables.
Arts & Crafts in Hammamet


This small gallery has original, metal-framed etchings by Baker Ben Fredj, starting at around TD66.
Food & Drinks in Hammamet

Supermarket Fenina

Supermarket Fenina is well stocked and has fewer queues than the main supermarket.
Food & Drinks in Hammamet

Main Supermarket

You can buy beer and a good selection of local wines at the town's small main supermarket.
Regional in Hammamet

La Brise

The best of the cheapies. A friendly place with some outside tables near the medina and nice food in hearty portions. The air-con branch is very spiffy and clean, with blue and yellow tiling.