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Dougga : The most intact site of North Africa

Dougga is situated in the mountains inland of Tunisia (1h30 from Tunis)in an area that was densely populated by the Numidians. The city served as one of the capitals of Massinissa, a Roman ally, and one of the contenders to Carthage.It is a visit to a huge archaeological site of about 3 km², the most intact Roman city in North Africa.The beautiful theatre at Dougga dates back to 168 CE and was donated to the city by one of its wealthiest families. Its condition is so good that it used for the concerts at the Dougga Festival in summer.The Capitol of Dougga must be one of the most impressive remains from the Roman era.It is fascinating to see a brothel built so pragmatically and bluntly to service its function: An open court for courting, and rooms immediately in for the services.The Licinian Baths are quite interesting for having much of its original walls intact, as well as a long tunnel used by the slaves working at the baths.
8 hours
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Dougga Guided Day Tour from Tunis

Visit the ancient Roman city of Dougga on a full-day tour from Tunis. Considered the best preserved Roman site in Tunisia and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dougga features a number of stunning ruins that you'll see. Includes lunch, a stop in the town of Testour, and hotel pickup and drop-off.
8 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Dougga Guided Day Tour from Sousse

Embark on an unique guided day tour from Tunis and visit Dougga, the best preserved Roman site in Tunisia! Also visit the Market Place, dominated by Mercury, the god of commerce, the Public licinius Baths and the House of Trifolium!
9 hours