Top things to do in Tataouine

Museum in Tataouine

Musée Memoire de la Terre

The parched and barren landscape around Tataouine can seem ancient, and it doesn't take a lot of imagination to picture dinosaurs wandering the area. This small museum, 2.5km south of town across the street from Hôt…
Bakery in Tataouine

Patisserie Sahara

Patisserie Sahara is a good place to fill up on corne de gazelle pastries shaped like gazelle’s horn and filled with chopped nuts soaked in honey, which can be enjoyed along with a great but slightly baffling ‘Celin…
Tunisian in Tataouine

Restaurant Essendabad

Across from the local bus station, Essendabad has a range of grilled chicken, couscous and the like, though it’s filled as much with people waiting for their transport as it is with diners.
Bakery in Tataouine

Corne de Gazelle

A good patisserie to pick up a corne de gazelle pastry filled withchopped nuts soaked in honey and shaped like a gazelle’s horn, Tataouine's signature pastry.
Cafe in Tataouine

Café de l’Union

This cafe is a standard no-frills coffeehouse, but it's used to seeing groups of foreign tourists, so is a little less macho than some Tunisian cafes.
Market in Tataouine


If you’re in town on Monday or Thursday, don’t miss the lively local market held in the souq at the southern end of Ave Habib Mestaoui.
Tunisian in Tataouine

Restaurant El Baraka

Cheap Tunisian standards of soup, chicken, and couscous, in a handy location for the bus station.
Tunisian in Tataouine

Restaurant La Medina

Fair and cheap but unsurprising Tunisian standards are served up in this restaurant.
Ruins in Tataouine

Ksar Mgabla

This small ksar (traditional fortified granary) is a good place to start your exploration of the ksour, although much of the 15th-century facade is no longer intact. It does, however, retain glimpses of its original…
Cafe in Tataouine

Café Ennour

This place is at the intersection just south of the clocktower and spills out onto the street in the afternoon.