Central Tunisia in detail


Dangers & Annoyances

Most foreign governments advise against all travel to the area near Kasserine, especially Jebel Chaambi National Park, where local recruits have been swelling the ranks of groups linked to ISIS and Al Qaeda, according to counterterrorism experts.

North of Kasserine, a 30km-wide sliver along Tunisia's border with Algeria is considered off-limits for all but essential travel, according to the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This area is home to some off-the-beaten-track wonders, such as the ruins of Ammaedara near Haidra, the hikeable plateau of Jugurtha's Table and the locals' favorite bathhouse of Hammam Mellegue, but make sure your travel insurance is valid before venturing out here.

If you're traveling with a tour guide, he or she must register your whereabouts and itinerary with the local police, who have a tendency to check up on you frequently. Ironically, if you're traveling independently, you'll be left to your own devices.