Airport in Tozeur

Tozeur-Nefta Airport

If you're passing through Tozeur airport, look for the two dusty Iraqi Airways 747s that have been sitting on the tarmac since 1991 when Saddam Hussein flew them here on the eve of the Gulf War. They've been...

Bus Station in Tozeur

Louage Station

Regular departure to Nefta (1.5DT, 20 minutes), Gafsa (2.5DT, two hours) and Kebili (2DT, 1½ hours), as well as occasional departures to Gabès. The louage station is next door to Tozeur's main bus station.

Train Station in Tozeur

Tozeur Station

Tozeur is the terminus for the train line from Tunis. There are two trains a day to Gafsa (6DT, two hours), with one service continuing to Sfax (14DT, 4½ hours) and Tunis (21DT, nine hours).

Bus Station in Tozeur

Bus Station

Departures to Tunis (24DT, seven hours) via Gafsa, Kairouan (20.3DT, 4½ hours), Sousse and Gabès.