Tunisian in Douz

Restaurant Le Rendez-Vous

A cheery restaurant tricked out in orange and blue, with dining room walls dedicated to the motor rallies that have always passed through the area. Or you can head through the back to the intimate courtyard or...

Tunisian in Douz

Tej El Khayem

Tej El Khayem has some of the better food in Douz, and you eat in a Berber-style tent or out on the sand, but it is heavily reliant on tour groups. The à la carte menu includes all the standards, along with...

Pizza in Douz

La Casa

No-frills fast food place serving up pretty good pizzas and excellent sandwiches and shawarma plates – the turkey on the menu is especially tasty. Eat-in meals typically come with a side of beans and kibdeh...

Park in Douz


Not that you’re counting, but the palmeraie here is one of the largest of all the Tunisian desert oases, with almost half a million palm trees. A wonderfully productive place, it turns out a remarkable assortment...

Cultural in Douz

Sahara Festival

Consider yourself lucky if you happen to be in Douz for the Sahara Festival, which is normally held at the beginning of November (dates can be frustratingly hard to track down). Most of the action takes place...

Museum in Douz

Musée du Sahara

A visit to the small folk museum provides some perspective and context for the desert lifestyle. It has a collection of regional costumes, a mock nomad tent and an section explaining the tattoos worn by local...

Tunisian in Douz

Centre d’Animation Bedouin

In happier times, this was a popular haunt for tourists, who were entertained over dinner with a floor show in an over-sized Berber tent. Those days may return, but in the meantime, the tent is closed, and the...

Pizza in Douz

Pizzeria les Princes

If you need a break from couscous, this bright and clean fast-food-style place might be an option. As well as some big pizzas, you can get chapatis, sandwiches, burgers and grilled chicken, plus some good fruit...

Cafe in Douz

Café La Rosa

Serviceable cafe – coffee, tea and the usual underemployed men killing time over cigarettes.