Top ChoiceSeafood in Gabès

Restaurant Fruit de Mer

This hugely popular open-sided restaurant near the port serves up the best seafood in town and has plenty of staff on hand to efficiently keep the crowds happy. The grilled fish or braised mussels and octopus are...

Top ChoiceInternational in Gabès

Restaurant La Lune

La Lune serves up healthy portions of pasta and pizza, but come instead for the rather good steak, beef stroganoff and excellent seafood. The candles on the tables add to the warm atmosphere.

Tunisian in Gabès

Restaurant Mazar

Formerly the Oasis, this restaurant adds a touch of class to the usual fare, with both Tunisian and Franco-Arabe dishes served up in elegant if not baroque dining rooms. Premium prices reflect the surroundings...

Tunisian in Douz

Restaurant Le Rendez-Vous

A cheery restaurant tricked out in orange and blue, with dining room walls dedicated to the motor rallies that have always passed through the area. Or you can head through the back to the intimate courtyard or...

Tunisian in Tozeur

Fastfood Ham Hama

This small place is hugely popular, serving up everything from chapatis and shawarma to rotisserie chicken and couscous. The side salads and beans are a quick cheap meal in themselves.

Tunisian in Tozeur

Restaurant Dar Deda

A restaurant popular with tourists and locals alike with friendly service and an intimate candlelit atmosphere. The mains on the menu hold few surprises but are reliably good. Don’t forget the starters though –...

Tunisian in Douz

Tej El Khayem

Tej El Khayem has some of the better food in Douz, and you eat in a Berber-style tent or out on the sand, but it is heavily reliant on tour groups. The à la carte menu includes all the standards, along with...

Tunisian in Ksar Ghilane

Restaurant Ghilane

This restaurant-cafe has a prime position next to Ksar Ghilane's spring. It serves up couscous and grilled meats, or soup and brik (savoury flaky pastry) if you're after something lighter. Otherwise, have a...

Pizza in Douz

La Casa

No-frills fast food place serving up pretty good pizzas and excellent sandwiches and shawarma plates – the turkey on the menu is especially tasty. Eat-in meals typically come with a side of beans and kibdeh...

Tunisian in Tozeur

Restaurant Le Soleil

Make like you're in the palmeraie with the plaster palm tree decor at Le Soleil. The couscous is good here, along with the stews a la jarre (baked in a clay pot).

Tunisian in Tozeur

Restaurant Tozorous

This recommended restaurant serves up pasta, grilled meat and couscous dishes in a brick-walled dining room complete with a working coffee pot–shaped fountain in the centre.

Tunisian in Tozeur

Restaurant de la République

Set back off the street, in an arcade next to the Mosque El Ferdous, this is an ever-popular local place and great for kebabs or couscous and salad.

Pastries in Tozeur

Patisserie El Qods

A handy and welcoming place to drop into for a quick sandwich, or something sweet and sticky, washed down with a fresh juice or good coffee.

Pizza in Tozeur

Pizzeria Azzura

One of the few Zone Touristique restaurants that have weathered the tourism downturn, Pizzeria Azzura serves quality pizzas.

Pizza in Gafsa

Pizza Tomato

This is a small, modern place done up in Italian-Tunisian decor. It's cute, and the pizzas are good.

Pizza in Kebili

Restaurant Paradiso

A cheery restaurant with brightly coloured wood panelling and fun art on its blue walls that come as a pleasant surprise in such an unassuming location. There are good pizzas, shawarma and sandwiches here. This...

Tunisian in Douz

Centre d’Animation Bedouin

In happier times, this was a popular haunt for tourists, who were entertained over dinner with a floor show in an over-sized Berber tent. Those days may return, but in the meantime, the tent is closed, and the...

Tunisian in Medenine

La Joconde

Maybe Medenine's best place to eat is La Joconde, the restaurant of the Hôtel El Kssour. It has excellent Tunisian standards, including couscous and stews, plus a regular daily menu with salad, brik (savoury...

Bakery in Tataouine

Patisserie Sahara

Patisserie Sahara is a good place to fill up on corne de gazelle pastries shaped like gazelle’s horn and filled with chopped nuts soaked in honey, which can be enjoyed along with a great but slightly baffling...

Tunisian in Gafsa

Restaurant Semiramis

It’s a bit of a dive but if you want to complement a standard Tunisian meal with a beer or glass of wine (and secondhand smoke), try Restaurant Semiramis, on the ground floor of Hôtel Gafsa.