American in Sousse

Planet Food

For homesick Americans, this Planet Hollywood imitator should do the trick. From the movie posters to the headshots of famous actors to the TVs playing movies and videos, Planet Food is all American. However, it's T…
Tunisian in Sousse

Dodo Restaurant

This, the most modern of the medina restaurants, is a bit of a surprise. Surrounded by the clutter of commerce, the Dodo is a little bit of a refuge though it is expensive by medina standards. Pizza and Tunisian mea…
Sandwiches in Sousse


One of the better places to eat in the city centre, frequented by young and hip Tunisians, Caracas is built to resemble some version of the Latin American city. Well, there are faux stone walls and colonial archways…
Steak in Sousse

Saloon Steakhouse Grill & Disco Pub

If you've every wanted to eat on what appears to be the movie set for an American western in Tunisia, then this surreal restaurant around 2km from the Ville Nouvelle should not be missed. Hearty steaks are the deser…
Tunisian in Sousse

Restaurant Marmite

Across from the Hôtel Residence Monia, this posh, at least as far as cost goes, restaurant serves up seafood and other Tunisian fare, plus wine. A marmite, by the way, in Tunisia is a large urn-shaped cooking pot.