Monument in Sousse


The catacombs include an estimated 5.5km of tunnels containing the graves of more than 15,000 local Christians, mostly from the 4th and 5th centuries AD. The only section open to the public is about 100m of the Cata…
Architecture in Sousse

Great Mosque

The Great Mosque is a typically austere Aghlabid affair. It was built, according to a Kufic (early Arabic) inscription in the courtyard, in the year AD 851 by a freed slave called Mudam, on the instructions of the A…
Notable Building in Sousse

Kalat el-Koubba

The Koubba was an ancient funduq (caravanserai or inn) and the rooms surrounding the courtyard are now given over to mannequin displays of day-to-day life under the Ottomans. It's thought to have been built in the l…
Museum in Sousse

Museum Dar Essid

This small, private museum is also not to be missed. In a quiet part of the medina, it occupies a beautiful old home, furnished in the style of a well-to-do 19th-century Sousse official and his family. The dimension…
in Sousse


The medina's pride and joy is this 8th-century place once garrisoned by devout Islamic warriors who would divide their time between fighting and silent study of the Quran. Nearby is the wide, sunny courtyard of the …
Museum in Sousse

Sousse Archaeological Museum

Sousse's excellent archaeological museum occupies the southern section of the old kasbah.
Beach in Sousse

Boujaffar Beach

Sousse's Boujaffar Beach, with its multi-kilometre stretch of high-rise hotels, cafés and restaurants, is the city's landmark. Named somewhat incongruously after a local Muslim holy man, the soft, sandy strip i…
Tower in Sousse


Standing at the high point of the medina, the kasbah was built onto the city walls in the 11th century. It incorporates the imposing square Khalef tower, built by the Aghlabids in AD 859 at the same time as the city…
Architecture in Sousse

Sofra Cistern

This great underground cistern, once the medina's principle water supply, was created in the 11th century by enclosing a large Byzantine church. It's an eerie place with the columns of the church rising from the bla…
Market in Sousse

Souq er-Ribba

This souq (market) is the closest Sousse comes to a medieval bazaar. The roof is unmistakably modern, yet the sales-pitch beneath it is age-old. Far from the tranquillity of the southern medina, Souq er-Ribba forms …