Top ChoiceArts & Crafts in Medina

Ed Dar

Up winding tiled stairs, the rooms of this traditional dar are filled with rugs, textiles and antique musical instruments; downstairs there’s everything from antique Tabarkan coral charms to puppets. The house’s...

Top ChoiceArts & Crafts in Medina

La Maison de L'Artisan

Top-quality Tunisian handicrafts are artfully displayed in the upstairs and side salons of this handsome funduq (caravanserai) in the heart of the medina. Babouches (traditional slippers), scarves, ceramics,...

Top ChoiceHomewares in Erriadh

Espace G2L

Italian owned and exhibiting the sleek style that modern Italy is known for, this concept store sells quality items including Amarante toiletries, stylish clothing in natural fabrics, contemporary ceramics and...

Arts & Crafts in Tunis



As the pioneers of the ‘carton’ furniture movement and the first designers of these products in Africa, Jolla stocks a range of surprisingly hardy and ecofriendly cardboard furniture pieces as well as...

Art in Medina

Kandinsky Art Gallery

Kandinsky Art Gallery

The medina has more than its fair share of shops selling junk masquerading as antiques and artworks unworthy of that appellation, but this shop/gallery isn't one of them. Quality is the hallmark here, as evident...

Textiles in Ain Draham

Les Tapis de Kroumirie

Bold, colourful carpets and handbags, many decorated with simple, traditional Berber motifs, are woven in Ain Draham by a small women’s cooperative called Les Tapis de Kroumirie. It aims both to provide...

Arts & Crafts in Kairouan

Société Tapis Allani

Medina touts work hard to lure tourists into this rug shop inside an 18th-century residence of the former beys (or pashas) of Kairouan; they'll usually tell you that there's a special cultural festival being held...

Clothing in La Marsa

Magasin Ahmed Labidi

On La Marsa's main square, this place sells a large range of colourful traditional Tunisian tunics and robes, and while they’re no better in quality than those you’ll find in the souq, they’re competitively...

Food in Centre Ville


This upmarket shop sells Tamerza dates au naturale, stuffed with pistachio paste and dried apricots, or covered in sesame seeds. By the bag, they are pricier than you’ll find in supermarkets, but the boxed...

Perfume in Medina

Maison de Senteurs

Facing the main entrance to the Zitouna Mosque, this gorgeous boutique sells perfumes for women and men, soaps, cosmetics and toiletries. For a great gift, look no further than the hammam sets, which include a...

Cosmetics in La Marsa



Located on the road to Gammarth, this boutique stocks toiletries, cosmetics, jewellery, hand towels and leather goods manufactured in Tunisia and marketed by well-known Paris-based brand Amarante. It's known for...

Books in Carthage

Fahrenheit 451

This stylish shop has a lovingly curated, refreshingly serious collection of books, including a good selection of locally themed photography titles, plus a small collection of ceramics, jewellery and toys for...

Arts & Crafts in Sidi Bou Saïd

Galerie Yasmine

Galerie Yasmine

Tucked behind Café des Nattes, this Aladdin’s cave of a souvenir shop is a good place to pick up some traditional Tunisian handicrafts. Owner Ibrahim welcomes all passers-by with a big smile before retreating to...

Arts & Crafts in Centre Ville

Fondation Essalem Mains des Femmes

Selling traditional handicrafts (rugs, scarves, napery, jewellery and clothing) made by women in disadvantaged parts of southern and central Tunisia, this nonprofit women's cooperative is a good place to source...

Homewares in Sidi Bou Saïd

Rock the Kasbah

Rock the Kasbah

Philippe Xerri's boutique sells homewares and furniture that meld traditional Tunisian designs and contemporary French chic, with the one-off showroom pieces housed in a beautiful old building. Look out for the...

Homewares in La Marsa


The stylishly reimagined traditional glass and metal pendant light fittings, gorgeous linen, candles and furniture sold at this chic boutique may put you in danger of paying an excess-baggage charge on your way...

Fashion & Accessories in La Marsa

XYZ Concept Store

XYZ Concept Store

A favourite expat shopping haunt, this cool concept store close to the Marsa Plage train station stocks an eclectic range of clothes, jewellery and homewares. Most items are sourced in France, but there are...

Homewares in Houmt Souk

Aries Djerba

One of a slowly growing number of chic boutiques on Djerba, this business stocks textiles made by Tunisian artisans, including women's clothing in natural fabrics, foutas (cotton bath towels) and scarves. It also...

Perfume in Medina

Essences et Plaisir

If you can't source treats to take home here, you're not trying hard enough. Perfumed water, soaps, jewellery, cosmetics and other sweetly scented and artisanal items are on offer, many presented in gift packs.

Market in Sousse

Souq El Ahad

Sousse’s weekly market is held on Sunday morning and early afternoon in the Souq El Ahad compound just south of the bus station. You’ll find everything from fresh produce to handicrafts to livestock.