Arts & Crafts in Hammamet


Sophia Loren, Umm Kolthum, Grace Kelly and Greta Garbo have all floated around in Fella at some point. The boutique has immaculate handmade Tunisian dresses, jewellery and bits and pieces. A nice fouta (cotton beach…
Arts & Crafts in Hammamet


This small gallery has original, metal-framed etchings by Baker Ben Fredj, starting at around TD66.
Food & Drinks in Hammamet

Supermarket Fenina

Supermarket Fenina is well stocked and has fewer queues than the main supermarket.
Food & Drinks in Hammamet

Main Supermarket

You can buy beer and a good selection of local wines at the town's small main supermarket.
Arts & Crafts in Sfax


A good crafts shop on the southern part of rue Salem Harzallah.
Food & Drinks in Sfax

Monoprix supermarket

There's a nice and modern supermarket in the centre of town.
Food & Drinks in Hammamet

Municipal Market

Self-caterers can stock up at the Municipal Market between ave de la République and rue des Jasmines.