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Sfax-Thyna International Airport is 6km from town on the Gafsa road at Thyna – it costs 5DT to get here by taxi.


There are two bus stations in town. Soretras, the local bus company, operates services from its bus station southwest of the medina. It serves Kairouan (6DT, two hours, four daily), Gabès (7DT, 2½ hours, three daily), Medenine (10.5DT, five hours, two daily) and Mahdia (5.5DT, 2¼ hours, two daily).

All other services, including those with SNTRI (, leave from the main bus station, a modern building on an industrial estate southwest of the port. SNTRI destinations include Tataouine (15.1DT, 4½ hours, two daily), Douz (15.5DT, 4½ hours, two daily) and Tunis (16DT, 4½ hours, eight daily) via Sousse (8DT, 2¼ hours) and El Jem (3.9DT, 1¼ hours). SRT de Medenine buses travel to Djerba (14.6DT, five hours, two daily) and Gabès (7DT, 2½ hours).


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The louage station is located in a compound 200m west of the Soretras bus station. There are regular departures to Gabès (8.7DT), Sousse (9.5DT) and Tunis (16.5DT). Other destinations include Mahdia (6.8DT), Kairouan (8.7DT), Tataouine (15DT) and Djerba (14.3DT).


There are three trains a day south to Gabès (express 11.1DT, 2¼ hours). Heading north, there are five trains daily to El Jem (1st class 6.3DT, one hour), four to Sousse (1st class 9.4DT, two hours) and seven to Tunis (express 18.8DT, 3¾ hours).