Tunisia in detail

Travel with Children

Tunisia offers a warm welcome for those travelling with kids. With great beaches, camel rides in the desert, ancient Roman sites and Star Wars film sets, there's a lot here to excite the young imagination.

Tunisians adore children, and as meals out are commonly family affairs, you’ll be feted guests at any restaurant, though late dinner times don’t always suit non-Tunisian children. There are rarely children’s menus available, but kids can share dishes or choose from the starters – brik (flaky filled pastry) is a favourite, and lunch stops for casse-crôute (sans harissa for the littlies) and chips are cheap and easy. In the resorts you’ll have tons of child-friendly choices: roast chicken, crêpes, pasta, pizza and so on. Baby food and formula milk are available from pharmacies and supermarkets.

Most of the resort hotels do have some form of dedicated playgroup or playground and children's pool (and many have full child-care services).

Safety seats in hire cars are more likely to be available from international companies, though it’s always worth asking anywhere, while high-chairs in restaurants are only occasionally available. Resort hotels may often charge a daily rate for cot rental, up to about 30DT per night. Pavements in Tunisia are often a challenge, even for those not navigating with baby strollers.

Baby products are widely available, including major international brands. Sun lotion for babies and children is widely available but can be expensive, so bring a good supply from home.

For all-round information and advice, check out Lonely Planet’s Travel with Children.

Children's Highlights

  • Camel rides, Douz It's most exciting to ride these ships of the desert in the Sahara; also available at beach resorts.
  • Ribat, Monastir Explore the passageways and hidden corners of Tunisia's greatest fortress.
  • Star Wars film sets, Ong Jemal Visit a galaxy far, far away at these locations.
  • Water sports, Port El KantaouiFrom bouncy banana-boating to parasailing at the resorts.
  • Amphitheatre, El JemTunisia's most intact Roman colosseum allows children to get in touch with their inner gladiator.