Sfax attractions

Top Choice Medina in Sfax


There's hardly a souvenir shop in sight within the monumental medieval walls of Sfax's Unesco-listed medina. The narrow thoroughfares are crowded with local shoppers stocking up on cheap clothing, shoes, household g…
Museum in Sfax

Musée Dar Jellouli

The wealthy merchant family that commissioned this 17th-century courtyard house in the medina didn't stint when it came to the decorative detailing, and the result is a gorgeous building adorned with carved-wood pan…
Museum in Sfax

Musée de l’Architecture Traditionnelle de Sfax

Originally built by the Aghlabids as a watchtower and steadily expanded into a kasbah, the fort built into the southwest ramparts of Sfax's medina walls now functions as an underwhelming museum with a few exhibits a…
Architecture in Sfax

Former French Consulate

A good example of colonial-era architecture, this building dates from the late 19th century and initially functioned as the French consulate. It now houses the southern branch of the L'Institut Français de Tunisie.