Bus Station in Tabarka

Louages to Tunis

Blue-striped louages leave from here to Tunis (10.5DT, three hours). There are more services in the morning; departures are less frequent after lunch. Infrequent departures to Bizerte also leave from here, but it's …
Parking in Lake Ichkeul


Park here after entering Ichkeul National Park. There are several information boards about the park, the remains of the old baths that covered the hot springs (under restoration in mid-2018), and a concrete mammoth …
Bus Station in Tabarka

Louages to Ain Draham

Red-striped louages depart throughout the day to Ain Draham (1.8DT, 40 minutes). Southerly destinations are also served from here including Jendouba and Le Kef.
Bus Station in Ain Draham

Bus & Louage Station

The bus station has regular bus services to Tunis. Blue-stripe louage services run to Tabarka (1.5DT, 35 minutes) and Jendouba (2.5DT, 45 minutes).
Bus Station in Tabarka

Société Régionale de Transport de Jendouba

The office of the Société Régionale de Transport de Jendouba is the main bus station in town, with buses across the north, including to Tunis.
Train Station in Bizerte

Gare de Bizerte

There are three trains a day to Tunis (5.5DT; 1¾ hours). There is no first-class service on this route.
Bus Station in Béja

Bus Station

Five departures a day to Tunis (6.6DT, two hours), as well as services to Bizerte and Tabarka.
Airport in Tabarka

Tabarka–Aïn Draham International Airport

Serves international charter flights to Europe during the summer.
Bus Station in Tabarka

Louages to Maloula

Louages to Maloula (0.8DT, 15 minutes) leave from this station.
Train Station in Béja

Train Station

Five direct trains to Tunis (5.6DT, 2¼ hours) and Jendouba.