Seafood in Tabarka

Restaurant Khemir

Simple and reliable seafood dinners from this long-established favourite. It doesn't look fancy, but what you miss out on in marina views, you make up for in terms of attitude-free service. A few meat and...

Fort in Tabarka

Genoese Fort

This fort is Tabarka's most instantly recognised landmark, sitting as it does on a wooded hill guarding the entrance to the harbour. It was built in the 16th century when Tabarka was a Genoese outpost surrounded...

Natural Feature in Tabarka

Les Aiguilles

Across from Tabarka's old harbour bay (Ancien Port) from the peninsula, Les Aiguilles (pronounced layz ai-gwee) are a grouping of spiky pinnacles of rock. Together with the adjacent jetty, they're a popular place...

Tunisian in Tabarka

Restaurant Le Minar

This popular restaurant on the edge of the marina serves good seafood, including a 15DT set menu with brik (flaky savoury pastry), a meat or fish main and soft drink. Sit outside to people watch – you can also...

Tunisian in Tabarka

Restaurant Touta

A popular alcohol-serving restaurant in the marina – look for the old French 2CV parked outside. There are a few tables outside but mostly its fresh linens are inside so diners can drink without offending...

Tunisian in Tabarka

Le Palmier

This cheap-and-cheerful place is one of a series of similar restaurants on this stretch of street. It has a good set menu featuring staples such as grilled lamb cutlets, prawns, calamari and fish cooked over...

Harbour in Tabarka


The heart of Tabarka is its marina, just northeast of the town centre. It’s a popular place to hang out, go for a drink or stroll.

Notable Building in Tabarka

La Basilique

La Basilique is a Roman cistern turned into a church by French missionaries at the end of the 19th century. Delicate and airy it’s not – inside you can see some massive square columns holding up some equally...

Beach in Tabarka

Montazah Beach

This beach begins at the marina and stretches eastward around the bay, past the big hotels of the Zone Touristique. The further from the marina you go the cleaner it gets, but note that the mouth of the river on...

Cemetery in Tabarka

Ras Rajel War Cemetery

This neatly tended cemetery contains the graves of 500 Allied soldiers who died in the winter of 1942 following the Axis landings in Tunisia. Sixty of the buried remain unidentified. The cemetery, on the main...

Cafe in Tabarka

Café Luna Mer

Just one of several near-identical cafes strung out along the marina, perfect for a coffee or a fruit juice with your people-watching.

Statue in Tabarka

Statue of Habib Bourguiba

This fine statue of Tunisia's first president in reflective pose commemorates the exile of Habib Bourguiba to Tabarka by the French in the early 1950s before his negotiation of Tunisian independence....