Northern Tunisia


Top ChoiceSeafood in Bizerte

Le Sport Nautique

This highly regarded restaurant with breezy terrace is quite simply one of the best in the north. Fresh fish, cooked in any number of ways (grilled, baked, with cream and herbs, with roasted almonds etc), is the...

Top ChoiceItalian in Bizerte

Restaurant Le Grand Bleu

A genuine Italian restaurant run by an Italian family, right down to nonna on the till. Le Grand Bleu offers a nice change from Tunisian tuna. There are a dozen or so home-made pasta dishes (all excellent),...

Seafood in Bizerte

Le Petit Mousse

The corniche’s most upmarket fish and seafood place, this elegant establishment also serves French dishes such as coq au vin. It has a balmy, candlelit veranda with sea views, as well as a terrace catching the...

Seafood in Sidi Ali El Mekki


There's not very much Rasta-flavoured about this wooden beach restaurant, but it does deliver the good food and good times that its painted slogan outside promises. In the mornings it's mostly drinks only as you...

Seafood in Tabarka

Restaurant Khemir

Simple and reliable seafood dinners from this long-established favourite. It doesn't look fancy, but what you miss out on in marina views, you make up for in terms of attitude-free service. A few meat and...

Pastries in Bizerte

La Bizertine

One of Bizerte's posher pastry shops, though they also do pizza slices, filled baguettes and ice creams. The almond croissants are simply perfection.

Seafood in Bizerte

Le Phénicien

This giant Phoenician warship in the old port is pretty hard to miss. It's actually a rather upscale fish and seafood restaurant that's popular with well-off Tunisians. The food is better and considerably less...

Seafood in Maloula

Restaurant Chez Mouldi

This simple thatched beach hut amid the rocks and sand of Maloula beach serves up pretty simple grilled fish and soft drinks. Opening hours are unreliable. The setting is truly idyllic, particularly in the...

Tunisian in Tabarka

Restaurant Le Minar

This popular restaurant on the edge of the marina serves good seafood, including a 15DT set menu with brik (flaky savoury pastry), a meat or fish main and soft drink. Sit outside to people watch – you can also...

Tunisian in Tabarka

Restaurant Touta

A popular alcohol-serving restaurant in the marina – look for the old French 2CV parked outside. There are a few tables outside but mostly its fresh linens are inside so diners can drink without offending...

Tunisian in Tabarka

Le Palmier

This cheap-and-cheerful place is one of a series of similar restaurants on this stretch of street. It has a good set menu featuring staples such as grilled lamb cutlets, prawns, calamari and fish cooked over...

Tunisian in Bizerte


A popular canteen, with gargantuan portions and fast turnover. There's grilled chicken and the like, but if you follow the big fish mural outside and the exhortation 'couscous aux poissons tous les jours', then...

Seafood in Sidi Ali El Mekki

Restaurant Cap Farina

This red-roofed restaurant set slightly back from the beach serves salads and delicious fresh fish and seafood, barbecued on pine cones. Book ahead on weekends.

Tunisian in Béja

Dar Beja

Smart Tunisian restaurant that manages to stretch beyond just couscous, with an interesting selection of stews like kamounia (beef cooked with cumin), good chorba (soup) and even a few salads featuring local...

Tunisian in Cap Serrat

Hébergement Serrat

This pleasant open-fronted cafe and restaurant overlooking the beach offers up grilled fish along with salads and the occasional couscous and Tunisian stew. Eat under the thatched umbrellas on the lawn, freshened...

Tunisian in Bizerte

La Cuisine Tunisienne

A cheap-and-cheerful corner eatery with a good choice of traditional Tunisian standards. Not gourmet by any standards but offers reliable good value and healthy portions.

Market in Bizerte

Indoor & Outdoor Markets

Two blocks west of the port’s southern end is Place Bouchacha, now the centre of a vast outdoor and indoor market where locals come to find both edibles and durables.

Cafe in Bizerte

Café Ksiba

Facing the old port and the fake Phoenician warship restaurant, with good coffee and a smattering of tables on the pavement.