Nefta attractions

Gardens in Nefta

La Corbeille

La Corbeille (which translates as ‘the basket’), a deep, palm-filled gully that takes up much of the northern part of town and cuts the town in two, is the highlight of Nefta. It measures almost 1km across at its wi…
Islamic Shrine in Nefta

Marabout of Sidi Merzoug

Just outside Nefta, you'll find this shrine to Sidi Merzoug, an important Sufi saint. The followers of Sidi Merzoug, known colloquially as the Black Brotherhood, are descended from slaves and play gnaoua music in th…
Islamic Shrine in Nefta

Marabout of Sidi Brahim

The most important religious building in Nefta's El Bayadha district is the Zaouia of Sidi Brahim, where the Sufi saint (and descendant of the Prophet Muhammad) and some of his followers are buried.