Top ChoiceItalian in Mahdia

Da Paolo

An outpost of Italy on the Tunisian coast, this family-friendly place on the Corniche serves molto delizioso Roman-style (thin-crust) pizzas and perfectly al dente pastas including seafood, meat and vegetarian...

Top ChoiceItalian in Mahdia


Multilingual chef Sofian worked in Italy for a decade before returning home to open this clean and bright pizzeria/restaurant on the Corniche. The pizzas and pastas are very good, as are the Tunisian-style fish...

Top ChoiceCafe in Mahdia

Café Sidi Salem

This is a magical place overlooking the Mediterranean on the south side of the medina. Several levels of tables jut out over the sea, and kids and families frolic in the water below. It’s wonderful at any time of...

Museum in Mahdia

Musée de Mahdia

The ground floor of this small museum is home to three superb mosaics: an amazingly lifelike face of a Gorgon (3rd century AD), a delightful depiction of Orpheus charming the animals (late 2nd century AD), and an...

Medina in Mahdia


Mahdia’s medina is more residential than others in Tunisia, especially the closer you get to the lighthouse at Cap d’Afrique, where the peninsula narrows and the sea is only steps away. Here, the narrow,...

Beach in Mahdia

Mahdia Main Beach

Stretching from Ave Taïeb Mihiri in Centre Ville to the Zone Touristique, Mahdia's long sandy beach is a drawcard for locals and tourists alike. Whether for swimming in the relatively benign surf or walking its...

Square in Mahdia

Place du Caire

Outdoor cafes shaded by trees and vines offer the perfect places to relax and contemplate the ornate arched doorway and octagonal minaret of the Mosque of Mustapha Hamza, built in 1772 when this square was the...

Seafood in Mahdia

Restaurant Le Lido

If you like seafood, you’re in for a treat at this restaurant near the port: grouper, red mullet, sole, sea bass, sea bream, calamari, prawns, crab and shellfish take up most of the menu. It can be hard to...

Cafe in Mahdia

Café El Medina

As well as the sprawling terrace under the lime trees, this pricey but popular cafe has a maze of small and intimate lounges decorated with traditional features such as tile floors, pouffes and wooden coffee...

Cafe in Mahdia

Café El Mehdi

Located between the Great Mosque and Borj El Kebir, this friendly cafe has an open sea-facing terrace on the 2nd floor and is a popular coffee and shisha spot.

Cafe in Mahdia

Café Gamra

One of Mahdia's most atmospheric cafes, Gamra offers tables under leafy trees in the heart of the medina.

Gate in Mahdia

Skifa El Kahla

This massive fortified gate, one of Tunisia’s finest, is all that survives of the original Fatimid city. Entry is through a narrow, vaulted passageway, almost 50m long, that was once protected by a series of...

Fortress in Mahdia

Borj El Kebir

This large fortress stands on the highest point of the peninsula, rising above Mahdia's medina with a brooding and unadorned severity. It was built in the 16th century on the ruins of an earlier Fatimid...

Seafood in Mahdia

Le Neptune

Grilled seafood and couscous are the in-house specialities at this restaurant just west of the medina on the Corniche. The 2nd-floor terrace has medina and sea views. It also functions as a bar.

Seafood in Mahdia

Restaurant El Moez

A tiny place in the medina serving simple but well-prepared dishes (grilled fish, couscous) at bargain prices. No alcohol.

Mosque in Mahdia

Great Mosque

Mahdia's fortress-like Great Mosque is a modern replica of the Fatimid original built by Obeid Allah in AD 921, which was destroyed when retreating Spanish troops blew up the city walls in 1554. Prayer times here...