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Top Choice Mausoleum in Le Kef

Zaouia of Sidi Boumakhlouf

Below the kasbah sits this enchanting 17th-century Sufi mausoleum, with a brilliantly tiled interior and narrow tower. The guardian, gorgeous Madame Zemourda, is a descendant of one of the occupants; call and she wi…
Historic Site in Le Kef


Frequently used as a film location, this pine-scented fortress dominates the city from a spur running off Jebel Dyr. There are great views looking out across the rolling blue-green landscape dotted with trees. A str…
Museum in Le Kef

Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires

The road that flanks the kasbah leads to this well-laid-out museum, housed in a sprawling, ornate Sufi complex founded in 1784. The museum concentrates on the culture of the region's Berber nomads, and exhibits incl…
Tunisian in Le Kef

Restaurant Vénus

Under the same management as Résidence Vénus, this is the only 'proper' restaurant in town, and is not a bad option. The dining room doubles as a bar, and the terrace, well, is a bar.