Cafe in Kairouan


There are plenty of outdoor places to enjoy a coffee, soft drink, mint tea or a sheesha (water pipe). Most popular in the evenings are the tables strewn around place des Martyrs in front of the Hôtel Sabra.
Hawker in Kairouan

Food Stalls

Lots of fruit is grown around Kairouan; you'll find whatever's in season at the stalls around place de Tunis, just north of the medina.
Gelateria in Kairouan

Gelateria Italiana

Next door to Picolomondo, this place has a good selection of gelatos.
Bakery in Kairouan

Patisserie Rabaoui Kairouan

Places to try Kairouan's famed date-filled semolina cake soaked in honey (called makhroud) include the outdoor stalls just off the main thoroughfare near the arch, or the brightly lit and modern Patisserie Rabaoui K…
Bakery in Kairouan

Patisserie Royal Opera

And next door to the Gelateria is this pastry shop/take out restaurant. Or you can eat in at one of the stand up tables.
Tunisian in Kairouan


A short walk from the Aghlabid Basins, Picolomondo is a modern restaurant with pizza and other Tunisian fare.
Tunisian in Kairouan

Restaurant de la Jeunesse

This is the place to get couscous in the heart of the medina. The restaurant is tourist-friendly though it's worth double checking your bill.
Tunisian in Kairouan

Restaurant Karawan

A clean, friendly family-run place, with all the usual dishes, though the tajines (omelettes) and briks are particularly good.
African in Kairouan

Roi Roi du Couscous

A raucous place by Tunisian standards, this restaurant-bar is filled with men, smoke and beer, even in the middle of the day. It's not exactly the cleanest place in town but big servings of couscous are served.
Patisserie in Kairouan

Patisserie Segni

This patisserie is the best in town and bakes a staggering aray of the local speciality biscuit, the sticky date-filled makroud.