Checking flights...


SRT de Medenine buses depart from the bus station for destinations around the island. There's a colour-coded map showing routes on the wall outside the ticket office at the bus station. Tickets cost 1DT or less and can be purchased on board the buses.

Bus 15 travels to Djerba's airport three times a day (7.10am, 12.15pm and 6.15pm). These return from the airport at 7.30am, 1pm and 6.30pm.

Bus 11 travels to the Zone Touristique every hour between 6am and 8.45pm.

Bus 14 travels to Guellala via Erriadh nine times per day between 6am and 6.15pm.


The louage station is located next to the bus station, connected via a walkway. Louages travel to/from destinations on the mainland, but not usually within the island itself.


There are two taxi ranks in Houmt Souk – on Ave Habib Bourguiba near the bus station and louage station, and on Place Sidi Brahim.

Sample fares from Houmt Souk are 5DT to the Zone Touristique, 9DT to Parc Djerba Explore, 3.5DT to Erriadh and 10DT to Guellala.