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The nearest airport is Enfidha-Hammamet Airport, which mainly serves seasonal European flights. Most hotels offer transfer shuttles from Tunis Carthage International Airport, about 75km away.


Hammamet's main bus station for intercity buses from Nabeul and Tunis is not far from the medina. If you're on a bus line that's passing through town but not ending its route here, the stop is closer to the train station on Av Hedi Ouali.


The main station for louages is on the southern side of town at the busy junction near Hotel Samaris, called Barraket Essahel, but louages from Tunis terminate at Place Pasteur, about five minutes' walk north of the main bus station.


Hammamet's train station is on the line between Tunis and Nabeul, but only one Tunis train is direct. Most involve a change at Bir Bou Regba. Trains run about once an hour in either direction.