Because of the 2015 terrorist attack in Sousse, large resorts have ramped up their security, with boot and under-car checks every time vehicles pass through the gates. Sniffer dogs and security personnel patrol the private beaches at some hotels.

Hammamet Nord

Most of Hammamet Nord's fortress-like hotels are past their prime or are recent and cheap quick-builds. Stylish La Badira, perched on its own peninsula, is the rare exception.

Hammamet Centre

Accommodation in the centre generally isn't seaside, but Hammamet's best public beaches are just a short walk away (and perhaps the small hotel pools help make up for it). If you want to be near shops and restaurants and stay a stuffed-camel’s throw from the medina, this is where to unpack.

Hammamet Sud

The hotel strip along Rue de Nevers has a nice vibe, with a string of laid-back cafes and restaurants along a tree-lined street. The hotels get bigger and more sprawling the further south you go. In summer this area is Hammamet's nightlife HQ.

Yasmine Hammamet

Hammamet's southernmost outpost is almost a town unto itself, with wide palm-tree-studded thoroughfares and even its own mock 'medina'. Most of the resorts in Yasmine Hammamet are all-inclusive and come with a high price tag.