Pizza in Gafsa

Pizza Tomato

This is a small, modern place done up in Italian-Tunisian decor. It's cute, and the pizzas are good.

Archaeological Site in Gafsa

Roman Pools

The Romans pools are Gafsa’s main attraction, and it’s a pleasant spot although you’ve seen all there is to see after a few minutes. Apart from the entertainment provided by local children diving (and you’re...

Tunisian in Gafsa

Restaurant Semiramis

It’s a bit of a dive but if you want to complement a standard Tunisian meal with a beer or glass of wine (and secondhand smoke), try Restaurant Semiramis, on the ground floor of Hôtel Gafsa.

Tunisian in Gafsa

Restaurant Erriadh

One of several like-minded restaurants next to the bus station, serving quick, unpretentious servings of grilled chicken, Tunisian salads and the like.

Tunisian in Gafsa

Restaurant Abid

This is a sparkling-clean place with a bright checkerboard floor and high-backed chairs serving Tunisian fare. A popular lunch spot.

Tunisian in Gafsa

Restaurant El Khima

If you want to eat in over-the-top kitsch surroundings, try this place in the Jugurtha Palace west of town. Alcohol is served.

Museum in Gafsa

Gafsa Museum

Gafsa's rather modest museum houses, among other things, a couple of large mosaics from ancient Capsa.