Bus Station in Gabès

Bus Station

Departures include Tozeur (four hours, twice daily), Djerba (four hours, eight daily), Sfax (3½ hours, six daily), Sousse (four hours, four daily) and Tunis (six hours, six daily). For local destinations, it's quick…
Bus Station in Gabès

Louage Station

Louages (shared taxis) fill and depart regularly to Douz (9.5DT, two hours), Medenine (2.5DT, 45 minutes), Tataouine (9DT, two hours), Sfax (8.5DT, two hours), Houmt Souk on Djerba (9DT, two hours) and other long-di…
Bus Station in Gabès

Louages to Matmata

Louages to Matmata (1.9DT, 30 minutes). Note that these go to Nouvelle Matmata (Matmata Jdid), where you'll have to change to get a louage to old Matmata (Matmata Qadimal, 1DT, 15 minutes).
Train Station in Gabès

Train Station

Four trains a day to Tunis (18.4DT, six hours) via Sfax (7.7DT, two hours).