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Top Choice Archaeological Site in El Jem

El Jem Amphitheatre

This Unesco World Heritage–listed colosseum was the second-largest in the Roman world (after Rome's); it was 149m long by 124m wide, with three tiers of seating 30m high. Its seating capacity has been estimated at u…
Top Choice Museum in El Jem

Archaeological Museum

A 1km walk from the El Jem Amphitheatre (follow the signs), this museum showcases an exceptional collection of Roman mosaics. All are richly coloured, in excellent condition and sensitively displayed. Highlights inc…
Music in El Jem

El Jem International Symphonic Music Festival

The colosseum is transformed into a splendid floodlit venue for the annual El Jem International Symphonic Music Festival. All performances are held at 10pm; you can buy tickets and find a program at a ticket booth a…
Tunisian in El Jem

Restaurant Le Bonheur

Owner Lassaad is understandably proud of this place near the train station and is a very welcoming host. The restaurant exterior, with its reflective glass casing, is ugly, but inside the dining rooms are decorated …
Cafe in El Jem

Café Venus

The bougainvillea-covered streetside terrace at this cafe behind the El Jem Amphitheatre is a popular spot for tea, coffee, soft drinks or shisha.
Tunisian in El Jem

Restaurant Le Bonheur 2

An average-quality but clean place located behind the El Jem Amphitheatre. Most people order fish or merguez (spicy sausage) grilled over charcoal at a barbecue on the pavement in front of the restaurant.
Archaeological Site in El Jem

Ruined Amphitheatre

The El Jem Amphitheatre was not the first such structure to be built at Thysdrus. Opposite the Archaeological Museum and across the railway line to the east are the fenced ruins of an earlier amphitheatre, dug into …