A visit to old Douiret is a chance to wander around an ancient and crumbling fortified Berber village at your leisure. It’s perched high on the spur of a hill above a dazzling whitewashed mosque, with white marabouts (shrines) and other tombs dotting the plains below.

The houses are built into the rock along terraces that follow the contour lines around the hill. The main terrace leads south for 1km to more houses, a handful of which are still occupied. Look out for some of the ornate carved doorways and Berber designs painted on the walls. It's a very evocative site, and the views across the valley are wonderful.

Visits start at the car park below the village, where there is a cafe and a now-shuttered hotel. Stairs lead up the hill next to the mosque, from where you can start your exploration.

If you are travelling by road between Douiret and Tataouine with your own transport, it's also possible to stop en route at Ksar Ouled Debbab halfway between the two, where there is another old ksar that's worth investigating.