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Sousse Archaeological Museum

Sousse Archaeological Museum

Located inside the 11th-century kasbah, this museum showcases an extraordinary collection of 2nd- and 3rd-century Roman mosaics, one of the best in the country. Most of these embellished the buildings in ancient...

Medina in Sousse


Added to Unesco's World Heritage List in 1988, Sousse's 9th-century medina is an unusual and important example of Aghlabid military coastal architecture. It retains its kasbah, ramparts, Great Mosque and ribat,...

Fort in Sousse


This is the oldest monument in Sousse's medina, built in the final years of the 8th century AD as a fort. It was garrisoned by devout Islamic warriors, who divided their time between fighting and silent study of...

Mosque in Sousse

Great Mosque

This typically austere Aghlabid affair was built in AD 851. Its architect adapted an earlier kasbah (fort), which explains the mosque’s turrets and crenellated wall, as well as its unusual location (in Tunisia,...

Beach in Sousse

Boujaffar Beach

Named somewhat incongruously after a local Muslim holy man, thIs sandy strip of beach is a popular playground where families picnic, beach shacks sell drinks and ice cream, children frolic and foreigners...

Tunisian in Sousse

La Calèche

There's no flirting with modern trends here at La Calèche – the decor, menu and service are resolutely and endearingly old-fashioned. The dark dining room has wood-beamed ceilings, high-backed chairs and tables...

Souq in Sousse

Souq Er Ribba

This souq and its western extension, Souq El Kayed, are the closest Sousse comes to a medieval bazaar. The roof is unmistakably modern, yet the sales pitch beneath it is age-old. There are a few interesting bits...

French in Sousse


The interior here is reminiscent of a 19th-century French auberge (inn), which, although slightly out of place in Sousse, is not unpleasant. There's a lovely terrace, too, and the French dishes are excellent. If...

Cafe in Sousse

Le Petit Cafe Maure

Brightly painted low tables on either side of Souk El Kayed signal the presence of the medina's best cafe, where the friendly owner will be happy to serve you coffee, tea, fresh juice, shisha and sandwiches. The...

Market in Sousse

Souq El Ahad

Sousse’s weekly market is held on Sunday morning and early afternoon in the Souq El Ahad compound just south of the bus station. You’ll find everything from fresh produce to handicrafts to livestock.

Tunisian in Sousse

Restaurant du Peuple

Hearty meat and couscous dishes are served at this friendly little place just inside the medina walls. The menu complet offers starters, a main, dessert and tea – amazing value. No alcohol.

Pizza in Sousse

Pizzeria El Ons

Filled chapatis, sandwiches made with tabouna bread and pizza are the fast-food staples sold at this popular stand just off Ave Habib Bourguiba. Eat at one of the streetside tables or order to go.

Cafe in Sousse


The name of this modern cafe might be cringeworthy to some, but the free wi-fi, attractive surrounds, Illy coffee and sweet treats including ice-cream sundaes attract plenty of young locals.

Museum in Sousse

Musée Dar Essid

In a quiet part of Sousse's medina, this privately owned museum shows off a beautiful old home, furnished in the style of a well-to-do 19th-century Sousse official and his family. Enter the small ante-room, which...

Museum in Sousse

Dar Am Taïeb

Driven by passion and a healthy ego, local sculptor Taïeb Ben Hadj Ahmed has turned his large villa in a leafy residential neighbourhood into a gigantic and shambolic museum. His work is characterised by his use...

Fort in Sousse


Standing at the high point of the medina, the kasbah was built onto the city walls in the 11th century. It incorporates the imposing square Khalef tower, built by the Aghlabids in AD 859 at the same time as the...

Historic Building in Sousse

Kalat El Koubba

The rooms surrounding the courtyard of this funduq (caravanserai) contain naff mannequin displays of day-to-day life under the Ottomans. The building is thought to have been built in the late 11th century and its...

American in Sousse

Planet Food

Its concept is all-American diner (movie memorabilia, booths etc) but the reality is typically Tunisian, with groups of families and friends enjoying pastas, pizzas or grilled food washed down with soft drinks...

Cafe in Sousse

Café El Kasbah

Café El Kasbah is secreted in a vaulted, cushion- and rug-strewn space deep in the medina. It's got atmosphere in spades, though we found the service here to be rude and incompetent when we visited. There's a...

Architecture in Sousse

Zaouia Zakkak

The splendid octagonal stone minaret belongs to the 17th-century Zaouia Zakkak, the medina’s leading example of Ottoman architecture. Its blue-green stone and tilework decoration echo the Andalusia region of Spain.