Top things to do in Bizerte

Top Choice Seafood in Bizerte

Le Sport Nautique

This highly regarded restaurant with breezy terrace is quite simply one of the best in the north. Fresh fish, cooked in any number of ways (grilled, baked, with cream and herbs, with roasted almonds etc), is the hou…
Top Choice Italian in Bizerte

Restaurant Le Grand Bleu

A genuine Italian restaurant run by an Italian family, right down to nonna on the till. Le Grand Bleu offers a nice change from Tunisian tuna. There are a dozen or so home-made pasta dishes (all excellent), pizzas a…
Seafood in Bizerte

Le Petit Mousse

The corniche’s most upmarket fish and seafood place, this elegant establishment also serves French dishes such as coq au vin. It has a balmy, candlelit veranda with sea views, as well as a terrace catching the eveni…
Pastries in Bizerte

La Bizertine

One of Bizerte's posher pastry shops, though they also do pizza slices, filled baguettes and ice creams. The almond croissants are simply perfection.
Fort in Bizerte

Spanish Fort

Built from 1570 to 1573 by Ulj Ali, the military ruler of Algiers, and named for a military victory over the Spanish, this fortress overlooks the medina from the north. All that remains are two long wall sections an…
Seafood in Bizerte

Le Phénicien

This giant Phoenician warship in the old port is pretty hard to miss. It's actually a rather upscale fish and seafood restaurant that's popular with well-off Tunisians. The food is better and considerably less tacky…
Tunisian in Bizerte


A popular canteen, with gargantuan portions and fast turnover. There's grilled chicken and the like, but if you follow the big fish mural outside and the exhortation 'couscous aux poissons tous les jours', then you …
Fort in Bizerte


This squat little fort, facing the kasbah, was modified by the Aghlabids in the 9th century, who added the attractive arched skifa (gate) and a courtyard with a set of cells – not for prisoners, but for silent study…
Beach in Bizerte

Remel Plage

Remel Plage, a long stretch of sand with a backdrop of pine groves, is a popular beach with locals, and it even has its own dramatically wrecked ship in the shallows. It begins about 3km southeast of the centre of t…
Mosque in Bizerte

Great Mosque

Built in 1652, this mosque has an octagonal, stone-built minaret decorated with blue-and-white tiling. Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter, though at prayer times it might be possible to get a peek of the courtya…