The beaches north of the kasbah, situated a few hundred metres east of the main road, are sweeping and balmy but fronted by a string of rather isolated hotels. Further north, up past the Y-junction (about 3km from the kasbah), Ave de la Corniche is a favourite venue for an evening promenade. The narrow strip of beach is covered with dried kelp.

Following Ave de la Corniche northward all the way to the radar station, looping around the headland and then heading west, will take you to La Grotte, a dramatic beach that’s popular with Tunisian families. It’s protected to the west by the white cliffs of Cap Blanc, one of the northernmost points on the African continent. From June to September, there are a couple of basic eateries here, but take plenty of water and your own food if you plan to spend the day. From the centre, a one-way taxi fare to La Grotte, which is 9km from the kasbah, costs about 4DT.