Windward Road attractions

Top Choice Animal Sanctuary in Windward Road

Corbin Local Wildlife Park

Established by hunter turned conservationist Roy Corbin in Tobago's forest-covered interior, just inland of the Windward coast's Hope Bay, this nonprofit sanctuary is home to most of the island's indigenous animals,…
Waterfall in Windward Road

Argyle Falls

This 54m waterfall on the Argyle River is Tobago's highest, cascading down three distinct levels, each with its own pool of spring water, which you can swim in. From the parking lot, it's a 20-minute hike up. The en…
Beach in Windward Road

King's Bay

Though its forest of palms and curve of yellow sand look amazing from above as you drive the Windward Rd from Scarborough, the beach here isn't Tobago's best, with waters often muddied by river outflow. There are to…