Most buses traveling around Trinidad originate from the City Gate terminal on South Quay in Port of Spain. Services aren’t that frequent, but all buses are air-conditioned and make a cheap way to get around if you’re not in a rush. Check online (www.ptsc.co.tt) or at the information/ticket booth at City Gate for schedules.


A number of small, reliable car-rental companies operate on Trinidad. Prices average about TT$300 a day, including insurance and unlimited mileage. Discounts are usually offered for weekly rentals. Econo-Car and Kalloo’s have offices in Port of Spain, as well as booths at Piarco International Airport.


Maxi-taxi minibuses run on set routes around Trinidad, and are color-coded according to destination (yellow for Port of Spain to Chaguaramas, red for the east–west corridor and the northeast, green for central Trinidad etc). Fares are very low, but you'll need some local knowledge to work out destinations, and most visitors rarely use them. It's far more convenient to take a tour, a taxi or rent a car.

Route Taxi

Within Port of Spain, route taxis are the predominant mode of public transportation for most locals. Official route taxis have an ‘H’ (‘hire’) on their license plate, though drivers of private vehicles (with ‘P’ on the license plate) also work the routes. Route taxis cost between TT$3 and TT$8, and can be hailed anywhere en route, but working out where drivers are headed is a challenge for the uninitiated visitor; best to walk or use regular taxis when needed.


Between 10pm and 6am there’s a 50% surcharge on Trinidad’s regular taxis. To call for a taxi, dial 669-1689 (airport), or 625-3032 (one of the numerous stands on Independence Sq in Port of Spain).

Kalloo’s Taxi Service has an office less than a block north of Ariapita Ave and is convenient after an evening of liming.