Top things to do in Speyside

Island in Speyside

Little Tobago

Also known as Bird of Paradise Island (though it isn't home to any of the eponymous birds), Little Tobago was home to a cotton plantation during the late 1800s, and is now an important seabird sanctuary that offers …
Caribbean in Speyside


Nestled in a tree-house setting and blessed by sea breezes, Jemma’s is a standard stop for tour groups, and service can be slow. It boasts excellent atmosphere and fresh local food, including fish, chicken and shrim…
Mediterranean in Speyside


Within the Blue Waters Inn hotel, this is an excellent choice for lunch even if you're not a guest. The menu ranges from shrimp, fish or chicken salads to fish tacos, quesadillas, sumptuous steak sandwiches and crab…
Caribbean in Speyside

Birdwatchers Restaurant & Bar

Kick back on the candlelit deck and enjoy fresh seafood and cold beers at this friendly place. The menu changes with the catch of the day, and also includes shrimp, chicken and lobster.