Crown Point attractions

Reef in Crown Point

Buccoo Reef

Stretching offshore between Pigeon Point and Buccoo Bay, the extensive Buccoo Reef was designated as a marine park in 1973 and a Ramsar site in 2006. The fringing reef boasts five reef flats separated by deep channe…
Beach in Crown Point

Pigeon Point

You have to pay to get access to Pigeon Point, the fine dining of Tobago’s beaches, with landscaped grounds, bars, restaurants, toilets and showers spread along plenty of beachfront. The postcard-perfect, palm-fring…
Beach in Crown Point

Store Bay

You’ll find white sands and good year-round swimming at Store Bay, a five-minute walk from the airport. It's also the main departure point for glass-bottom-boat trips to the Buccoo Reef, with hawkers offering these …
Beach in Crown Point

Canoe Bay

Accessed by a turnoff from the main highway a few kilometers east of Crown Point, Canoe Bay is a gorgeous shallow bay that’s popular with picnicking families, though note the shallow waters have a lot of seagrass.